Andrew Delatolla is a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the department of International Relations.

His research interests include the history of modern statehood in the Middle East, the politics of identity – gender politics and religion and politics, the Middle East and globalization, 19th century international relations, development and state-building, historical sociology, critical and postcolonial theory.

Andrew’s current project critically examines the history of the modern state in Lebanon and Syria from 1808 until independence. It examines the development of the modern state through imperial modernization and colonialism,┬áthe formation of national identities, the history of contemporary sectarian conflict, and the formation of colonial discourse based on principles of the Enlightenment and political liberalization in Europe within the discipline and practices of international politics.

He is also working on projects examining the relationship between ongoing conflict and political power sharing, the relationship between colonialism and development, and the development of sectarian conflict through the lens scientific racism.


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